In Honour of Steve and RIM

Recently, the world mourned the death of arguably one of the greatest human beings that ever treaded this earth the CEO of Apple , Steve Jobs. Shortly after the servers for RIM for their BlackBerry Messenger™ for Africa, Europe and the Middle East were down. I found that to be most unbelievable! For the first time I’m sure the service providers like MTN and Airtel were glad they weren’t responsible and had valid reasons to more or less tell customers”Shut UP! Its not our fault” in the most polite way!
So of course the jokes started flying, “RIM is honouring Steve with a 3-day silence” and so on. However, what jumped at me the most was an update on facebook.

“Apple and Blackberry Crumble”

Trust me I had a serious rolling on the floor moment. I thought that was sheer brilliance and awesome wit. So I decided to go against my dislike for making desserts and honour Steve in my own way. So took my inspiration from this above update.

Luckily for me as well I had seen some blackberries at Shoprite in Lekki and got so excited but decided not to buy them out of sheer excitement and only for me to leave Lekki and see the update… sigh… anyways at the Surulere Shoprite the had apples and blueberries… so I went with that, I think I prayed a small prayer to RIM to forgive me for not using blackberries but also prayed that they understood it was a berry whatever the case.

For the topping I had planned on just doing a flour, oats and butter with brown sugar topping but as I roamed each aisle I saw hobnobs and instantly grabbed it as the sugar, oats and flour already had been done for me and it’s a sensible shortcut you don’t have to really do everything from scratch as such.

I started of by cooking the apples (i used 2 apples one granny smith and pink lady…any tart and sharp apple would be great)with 3 tablespoons brown sugar, about 60 grams unsalted butter, cinnamon sticks (I regerted not having at least 2 cloves that would have sent the flavour of the roof or some allspice but it was all good) then added a dash of lemon juice to help counter the sweetness of the sugar. On a semi-high heat I cook the apples till the caramel starts to form and you toss the apples allover, as the caramel thickened I added a splash of water to thin it out slightly. The blueberries(a handful of them) went in at the last moment because they take less time to cook, the apples I cooked till they were soft but firm enough because they would go into the oven and cook for a bit and I personally did not want mush crumble.

For the topping I bashed about 4 55g packs of hobnobs and mixed with 60g of cold butter I cut into cubes. The bashing of the biscuit I prefer to be uneven so its like rocky road of oats heaven in your mouth.

In the small glass dish I place the cooked fruit in it and layer the crumble crust as evenly as I could whilst trying my very best not to eat all of it before it went on the fruit.

After 20mins of heat in the oven at 200°c the crumble almost emerges like a triumphant gladiator in all its bubbling glory.
I served it with cream I flavoured with butterscotch, almond and Vanilla and whipped it. Sadly my sous chef for the day Bolanrinwa got to excited and whipped it till it curdled and was buttermilk. But not to worry it can happen to even “pros” like me but I served it like that and allowed the richness seep into the crumble anyway. The plate looked too bland so maple syrup to the rescue to give the final stamp of approval to the dish.

Taste test
Lets just say I couldn’t stop going back for more… I had to be stopped. The intensity of the flavour profile slayed me.

So, Dear Uncle Steve and RIM I hope this euology would be greatly received by those that read and ultimately go ahead and try it.

Rest in peace Uncle Steve and RIM… I pray we would not say this for you anytime soon.

A Bientot


9 thoughts on “In Honour of Steve and RIM

  1. My best so far… an interesting read. And as for you going back for more & more, I have nothing to say December will tell *wink*

  2. Love Love Love it!!!! Only issue I have with reading such early in the morning is dat it jst priti much ruins any dietary plans u had for the day,lol

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