If you follow this blog you can tell I haven’t posted in a while that’s because my beloved MacBook pro went for repairs and never got fixed because the asking repair price was possibly my life’s worth at the time. So I’m still typing through a cracked screen that I frankly careless about now. While I have been MIA I went to Ghana for 4days for a birthday party and  had a great time so great I sort of fell sick… yes too much of a good thing can be bad. That’s another post maybe… but for now…. Here you go


Last Saturday the 26th of November I was privileged to partner with GET arena (in Lekki, Lagos) to bring the 4th edition of “Chef Fregz Special” and I had a blast!!! Everyone came and showed their support and more importantly enjoyed the food I cooked. Even though some people waited an hour and a half of their food. They felt t was worth the wait when it came.

For this edition I was confused as to what to cook. I felt I had “done it all” so I decided to just remix a few things nd make a menu that had the 3 popular proteins and a dessert. It was thanksgiving period in America so turkey came to mind more so I named the dish after my best American friend Zoe McLaughlin. Then Tbone steak just felt right espcilally as I found out it was very available at SPAR in Lekki,  then prawns because of the seafood fans and French toast because it was easy to make and divine in your mouth and GET didn’t have dessert as such on display like Café Licious.

Here’s a pic of the menu.


This burger is something you can even make from leftover turkey. In this case I bought a whole turkey and poached it then pulled of the flesh and minced it. I wanted a rough texture and a different feel to the burger. In the recipe below I have replaced the bird with just its breast and thigh meat you can find in stores such as Shoprite and in the market.

The recipe below serves 4


4 good quality burger buns

300g-turkey breast

400g-thigh meat

honey mustard BBQ sauce

cabbage shredded say 3 cups

Spice mix of paprika, onion powder, chicken seasoning, chili flakes, black pepper, fennel, Maggi seasoning.  (make the spice mix according to your taste because that’s what I did. Or just use whatever you have. However if you follow this recipe go easy on the paprika, fennel and black pepper as hey are strong flavours you don’t want overpowering your taste buds)


Russian Dressing

This is a dressing I saw someone make on Diners Drives and Dives on Food Network and I looked it up and made my own version with out the boiled eggs I saw him out in the dressing, a Russian dressing is basically a rosemary sauce (a classic mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise also known as cocktail sauce or thousand island dressing) but has vinegar, hot sauce and spices added to it. Funny enough it has nothing to do with Russia, it’s an American invention. I wont deceive you here I actually measure it. I eyeballed it. But I would add the measurements for organization and guideline sake. Just taste along and go with your gut feeling!

Here’s my own mix

1 cup Ketchup

1.5 cups Mayonnaise

2 tsp. Paprika

2 tsp. Oregano

2tsp coarsely ground black pepper

some powdered mustard if you have

Hot sauce to taste


To make this sauce, Just pan fry red bell peppers that have a bit of heat to them and add garlic, celery, chilies cook down with some water then puree in a blender or a hand blender. Or you could even roughly blend the peppers first. Add some fresh rosemary and thyme to it. if you don’t have fresh just use a smaller amount of the dried stuff as its stronger


Marinate the turkey for at least 30mins or if you have no time at all double the seasonings and follow step two.

In a pot poach the turkey in water that’s just enough to cover. Add some herbs such as thyme, coriander and for sure crushed garlic cloves. Poach till the turkey is done and soft.

On a chopping board mince the turkey to whatever consistency you like. Taste and check for seasoning. In a pan stirfry the cabbage and chopped turkey, add some honey mustard BBQ sauce to it and once it heated through remove from the pan and set aside for assembling.

To serve, toast the buns on their flat side and spread the Russian dressing add the lettuce, more cabbage if you like, more of the dressing and finally some of the relish place the top bun…. EAT!

Please try this out and let me know how it turns out.

Bon Apetit!



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